Fylgja Lǫgsǫgumaðr

Spent last night hanging with some mates helping the Police respond to criminal activity in Hek and it was a busy night for CONCORD. We had scads of fun joining in on CONCORD’s destruction of some High-Sec parasites.

The CODE. bunch don’t seem to get our motives they think we’re trying to save everyone but that’s not the case – we don’t particularly care who they kill, those parasites are content for us – but when it happens we sure do enjoy the Anti-Gank. I did manage to help CONCORD destroy a few criminals last night; Catalyst, Catalyst and a Moa but I’m not sure if we saved any miners?

Now while CONCORD does not punish pilots with a Suspect Flag they also do not interfere with pilots who do punish those with a Suspect Flag and poor Jinn Khaleesi was out looting wrecks in Hek last night and got our attention a few times… Vexor, Capsule, Probe, Capsule.


I had a fun night with the mates!



– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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