Logn Veiðr

Spent my EVE time yesterday hunting.

I started the session out in “Veiðimaðr”, scanned down and jumped into a Class 3 Wormhole. Spent some time cloaked up wandering around seeing if there was any activity, no joy, then scanned down and identified all the Cosmic Signatures in the System. Marked a few other Wormholes and found one Central Serpentis Survey Site. I decided to camp out for a bit so made a perch about 45km off all the hackable cans and waited… and waited… and waited…

I was in the C3 for just over an hour, I passed the time by browsing with the IGB and would hit D-Scan every so often to see if there were any Probes in system. Eventually I got bored so tore back home, re-shipped into my Cheetah then went back in and hacked the site. Will have to try that hunting tactic another time.

After that uneventful hunt I thought I’d try my first go with the 20 frigate plan so activated “Banahǫgg Spá I” and went for a long roam through some Low-Sec Systems – again no joy.

I was passing through Hek on the way back to my Low-Sec staging home so thought I’d see if the icebelt in Nakugard was getting any activity so re-shipped again into “Naglfar – RAGE™” and headed that way. There were a few miners there, none in any really soft targets but there were a couple of Retrievers working the ice. I set up a little bit below them so I was within range of my launchers and started the waiting game again. D-Scan was showing a Thrasher and a Catalyst in system so I didn’t think it would be too long before someone got the Ganking itch and I was correct. It was maybe a ten minute wait before Mr.Kryz Keedra arrived at the icebelt in his Catalyst and started approaching Josie Peppers’ Retriever. After he fired and got his Criminal flag I de-cloaked, locked him up, hit him with both ‘Hypnos’ Ion Field ECM I’s to disrupt his targeting and then assigned all my weapons – his Cat went down quickly and there was no miner losses. He logged quickly after this engagement, I don’t think he was expecting anything like that!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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