Járnleikr Venja

Got out with our CEO and an Alliance mate the other night for some small Fleet T1 Frigate Fun. Fifth Dimension is our main FC and for the first bit had me running through some approach and overheating drills that will be beneficial with piloting my Interceptor in Fleet engagements. After that he took Blendzen and I out for a little T1 Frigate roam with our expectation being that we’d likely get blown to bits but have some run harassing someone in the process. It didn’t take long and just a few jumps from home we had contact. There were just a few ships on grid at first and we were holding our own but then it turned into a more serious battle and I went down hard but did manage to get some shots in on a kill in the turmoil. I did GTFO in my pod to a nearby planet but warped right on top of a Nemesis who promptly scrammed and popped me.

As serendipity would have it, after I woke back up and had made my way back home, my routine of one last check of the Star Map was showing a little blue Cynosural Field dot only a few jumps away and Cyno’syndrome took hold, I was happy to not end the night on a downer!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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