Translated the title of this post means “Mist from the South” which I’m tying, loosely, to the theory of ‘The Fog of War’.

There is a lot going on in our Region of New Eden and the vision and direction of our Corp/Alliance is clouded with some ambiguity at the moment.

I’m a former US Marine so am intimately familiar with ambiguity, The Fog of War and the broader stratetic levels of war; Grand, Military, Operational and Tactical but I’m not one of the decision makers for our Corp/Alliance (which at this point I’m fully embracing as I’ve got very little knowledge with the politics in New Eden)

So while we wait out this time of uncertainty I’m embracing some theories and lessons learned in the Marines and relying on some of the foremost experts on battle tactics.


Sun Tzu is a favourite of mine… “There are occasions when commands of the sovereign need not be obeyed. When it is expedient in operations the [leader] need not be restricted by the commands of the [higher authority]…. When you see the correct course, act; do not wait for orders. … The [leader] must rely on his ability to control the situation to his advantage as opportunity dictates. He is not bound by established procedures.”

The OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) Loop Theory developed by Colonel John Boyd is also a favourite… First, you anticipate ambiguity to gain advantage over an enemy who has not.  Second, understanding the disorientation that fog causes for an opponent, you perpetuate the state of confusion through surprising maneuvers. To win, Boyd tells us, you must get inside your opponent’s “decision cycle” by going through your own OODA cycle faster than the opponent, and by varying the speed and rhythms of your own maneuvers so as to provoke confusion, chaos, and panic. “The best way to succeed…” he said “is to revel in ambiguity.”

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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