Spakr Róta

I try very hard to follow a defined plan for my skill progression but it’s hard… I spent some time the other night moving some ships to a staging area and while doing so had my RL brother help me with some ship fitting. On one of the fits he suggested there were a couple of Modules I didn’t meet the requirements for which prompted me to look into how long it would take to train into them – the Tech II AutoCannons are already in the plan but the Medium YF-12a Smartbomb was one that looked like a quick train to get into,  less than thirty minutes, so I bought the Skill Book: Energy Pulse Weapons and got it training to Level I right away and then of course since the train up to Level IV is pretty quick I plotted that right up at the top of the Queue.

It’s only a day and a bit of deviation off the current plan which is not terrible as long as I don’t do this too often!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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