Góðr Finna

Had a few good exploration finds over the weekend…

Scanned down and jumped into a Class 2 Wormhole from the home system. I always get a little rush jumping into the unknown of W-Space, you just never know what you’re going to find and this one was untouched. When I’m hunting/exploring in W-Space I make it a point to at least identify all the Cosmic Signatures in the System I’m working and this C-2 had a ton! There had to have been at least twenty Signatures to scan down and I can’t remember what they all were but I did pinpoint ten hackable exploration sites, six Relic and four Data.

I had jumped in flying the Hunting Hound hoping I might find something to shoot but no joy – it was a small System and all I could see on the D-Scan were some Control Towers, there was not one ship in system. The first thing I do anytime I jump into a Wormhole is bookmark my exit and after scanning down all the Sigs and bookmarking all the hackable sites I warped back to it, jumped out, re-shipped into my Cheetah and headed back in.

I managed to hack all but two of the cans (two Data site cans) and ended up with a little over $175 million ISK in the hold and found a  3-run Dark Blood Large Beam Laser Battery BPC – not one of the epic BPC’s but it’s the first Faction BPC I’ve found and it got me pretty excited!

I also stumbled upon my first few Drone Data Sites and scored a number of ‘Augmented’ & ‘Integrated’ Drone BPC’s.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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