Setja Veiðr Bjǫð

Null-Sec Ratting is looking to be a good way to make some ISK while we are under Wardecs. In doing my research for good Systems DOTLAN EveMaps is my friend… to choose a System I filter for the number of Belts and then cycle through all the Live data filters and try to weed out high traffic Systems and Systems where there is already a larger concentration of NPC Kills.

I plan to go scout out my potential Ratting Systems prior to actually Ratting in them, will plot out some Tactical Bookmarks and Safe Spots to make things a little less risky.

At minimum I will set up the following:

  • 2 Off-grid Tacticals at each Gate
  • 2 On-grid Tacticals at each Gate
  • 2 Unaligned Mid-space Safes
  • An Off-grid and On-grid Tactical for any Stations in System
  • An Insta-undock for any Stations in System

EVE has been around for awhile and there are lots of reference sites and guides out there, here’s a few I’ve been perusing:o:


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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