Ágætr Rekkr

There is lots going on with the Corp/Alliance and our ‘Blue’ friends and sometimes it’s hard to keep up on who’s where , what the goal is and where I would be the most help – sometimes there are multiple Ops being run in different Systems over multiple Comm Channels.

Being one of the lower skilled members of the crew I’m not always sure what I can add to an Operation but I’m always game to jump in and our FC’s are always willing to have me along. One of the Ops I joined in on this weekend was a Null-Sec Outpost Bash and I was able to provide some decent DPS to the Op with my Hound and while it was not particularly exciting we did get into a few scuffles (which I cloaked up for and attempted to get into a strategic spot for a warp in) and I got to Fleet with Mr. Stoseph Stuarts of Stoseph’s Content Creation.

I tried to get in a good exploration roam on Saturday but it was busy out in New Eden, close to 45,000 logged in mid-day on Saturday. I was semi-successful and stumbled upon a system without too much thru traffic that  had 7 Signatures and more than its fair share of Data and Relic sites. Scanned down 4 Relic Sites and 1 Data Site, opened the majority of the cans – I’m getting better at them but those Data Site cans are still pretty tough – pulled out around 150 million ISK of loot in that one system and played some cloaking games with a few of the passers-by before bailing on the exploration roam and heading home.

I scan down the Cosmic Signatures in our home system on a regular basis and will examine the Wormholes and Combat Sites a little more if they look do-able. On a quiet night recently we had a few new Signatures in System so I popped out and scanned them down and found an Angel Creo-Corp Mining DED-Rated (2/10) Complex. After taking a look at the EVElopedia entry for it I re-shipped into my Wolf and dove in – cleared it quickly and got a Gistii B-Type Small Shield Booster out of the Deadspace Control Station in the final room – looking forward to the day that I can get into some of those higher rated Complexes!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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