Flár Rata II

Got into a myriad of activities the other night. Started out the night spending some time in the Inty Explorer wandering through some Systems in Great Wildlands and Scalding Pass, no epic finds but did scan down a few sites. Got caught up on my PI activities and moved some materials around to keep the PI flow going. Had the Astero delivered and got it on the market and then went about building a new Wolf to replace the one I lost.

After getting the Wolf built I hopped in, plotted a course home and started burning my way there… no matter where I’m at, High-Sec, Low-Sec, Null-Sec or W-Space, I’ve been diligent with practicing my travel techniques – Local Chat window is always open, when I come through a jump gate I’m holding cloak until I’ve taken a look at who and what are in the System. In Low and Null-Sec Systems if I see Neuts I’m working the D-Scanner to see if they’re close and what types of ships they’re in.

On my burn home I got into Offikatlin and saw two Neutrals in system, one was on gate and jumping but the other, Darryn Lowe, was still out there somewhere. The Offikatlin system has no stations or outposts so I held cloak, checked D-Scan at 360° and full range and popped a Prospect. I took a look at the Probe Scanner and saw that two of the Cosmic Anomalies in System were Ore Sites. I lowered the scan angle to 30° and took a look at the closer Ore Site, a Small Gneiss Deposit, and there he was – jumped to zero, hit approach, cycled the MWD once to close the distance, locked my target on the way in, got the Warp Scrambler on him once I was in range, hit the NOS next and then switched on the AutoCannons. I’m guessing he was AFK as it took a bit to get through his shield and he made no actions to get away, once his shield was done he melted pretty quickly.  I took my time to loot the wreck while I waited out my Weapons Timer and then finished my burn home.

Docked up and was getting ready to log for the night but then decided to take a quick look at the Star Map and lo and behold there was a little blue Cynosural Field dot only a few jumps away and Cyno’syndrome took hold!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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