Floti Lǫg

FØRCED ENTRY. has got some sharp FC’s in our ranks and they’ve designed some solid Fleet Doctrines for us to use… to stay within OpSec I won’t post any of them here.

Our Alliance leaders have started getting even more organized with sending out messages with the specific fits we use for each Doctrine and for us newer pilots some suggestions for skills to get us in them.

Being one of those newer pilots I sometimes feel pretty useless as I can’t fly most of the ships in our Fleet Doctrines but any time I’ve gone out with an Alliance Fleet the FC has always been more than willing to have me along with a ship I can fly that fits as close to the Doctrine as possible.

With the new ‘unlimited’ Training Queue I’ve got things lined up but it will take some time before I can fly all our Fleet Doctrines, just one of the many things I’m working towards skill wise.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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