Another week – Another Wardec.

After our abysmal Wardec with The Marmite Collective we’ve apparently caught the eye of another High-sec Wardec happy Alliance… The Pursuit of Happiness. They currently have over 100 active Wardecs on the  go!

Near the end of our Marmite Wardec debacle our leadership sent out an Alliance wide message with some general guidelines to follow while we’re at war but apparently this fella didn’t get the memo – Doom Aldent (Rattlesnake) / Doom Aldent (Capsule) – as one of my EVE mates said “It’s like a volcano of dumb…” so after those losses that general message was followed up quickly with this Alliance wide message…


Don’t even have to talk with the person, we all know the excuses:

1. I’ll watch local (they use neutral alts)
2. It was only for 5 minutes (you are still in highsec)
3. Its only 1 gate (you are still in highsec)
4. Its far away from trade hubs (hello locator agent)
5. I need to plex my account (spend $15 or there are lots of other ways to make isk)
6. I didn’t think it would happen to me (yay loot pinata)
7. I didn’t know there was a war (sure do now)

Really simple rules paraphrased from 4 or 5 all Alliance emails sent previously:

1. Stop going to highsec, this isn’t hard at all.
2. Use out of alliance alts for your highsec needs.  No really stop going to highsec.
3. If you absolutely have to go to highsec avoid trade hubs and pipe systems.
4. If you absolutely have to go to highsec Use an interceptor or covops.
5. If you mission or mine or haul in highsec while at war, then you have failed at all 4 rules above and will likely lose your ship.

If everyone follows these rules the parasites will drop the wardec in 1 week and then we can go about our normal business of being in low/null.

If 1 person decides the rules don’t apply to them then we get 2+ week wars, and other groups of parasites see us as easy marks and wardec us as well.  (basically what just happened to us)

If you need something from highsec and don’t have an out of alliance alt ask for help.

1. But why don’t we fight them?!
a.) They really know their game, they use neutral scouts, neutral logi, station and gate hug like no one else, if they come off station its because their scouts have cleared it and the target is solo, they use heavily tanked ships with logi.

2. Could we kill them?
a.) Yes of course, but 99% of the time they will dock up and we’ll get nothing, they have no assets in space to force a fight. Their game is preying upon uninformed undisciplined pilots.



Two kills and 3.16 billion ISK later and it’s looking like we will likely get another week or two added on to this latest Wardec. We have had three (or maybe four?) days of un-Wardec’ed time in the last few weeks and it is definitely cutting into my SOE LP grind but it’s not a huge deal. The wonderful beauty of EVE is that there are lots of things to do!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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