I’ve been back at EVE since August and with the help of my brother, Corp and Alliance I’ve been able to set up a solid base of operations.

We’ve got a few Alliances near us, some we’re Blue with, some we seem to have good relations with and will on occasion provide assistance back and forth or get into a ‘Friendly’ Fleet fight with and then there are others, like Bad Intention, that we seem to always be clashing with. There seems to be some antagonistic interpersonal connections between some of our Alliance members and some of theirs – I’m sure there is a volumes worth of back story there.

Although I feel that I’ve got a decent foundation of knowledge with the game and game play I’ve got a long ways to go in getting familiarized to all the players and the relationships between the players, Corps and Alliances.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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