Had a good busy EVE Weekend. Enjoyed lots of fleet action with the Alliance doing a few POCO defenses and bashes – we were looking for a fight but unfortunately no one came out to play.

I got out on two long exploration roams. My first was my most successful to date. A 120+ jump round trip into Stain – hit three fairly low traffic systems, got lucky, scanned down three Relic and two Data Sites and managed to nail over 220 million ISK in loot very quickly. It was a good haul and I didn’t want to push my luck so I plotted a route out and jumped my way back home.

I planned my second long roam with thoughts of hitting Outer Ring and some Serpentis sites. I plotted the shortest route possible and started my burn. Now in hindsight there were a couple of things I should have put some thought into before embarking on this trip.

  1. I was making this trip during one of the most active times in EVE, there was well over 40000 people on.
  2. The west of New Eden is an active war zone.

I made it within six jumps of Outer Ring… I jumped into PF-346 and held cloak to check local and D-Scan. There were only a few in local and nothing on D-Scan so I hit my warp and headed toward the FD-MLJ gate. As I got close I hit my D-Scan again, there were two on gate a Typhoon Fleet Issue and the other I can’t remember. I did warp to Ø and as I landed I was spamming jump but no luck – I had not yet experienced a smartbombing let alone a Shadow Serpentis Large Plasma Smartbomb but I can now say that I have – there was a BOOM! and then a KERSPLAT!

Can’t complain (too much) that ship and clone had earned their keep! Next time I attempt that run I’ll do it during a more quiet time and maybe even try to circumnavigate some of those more active systems.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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