There are loads of guides and resources out there for EVE and for the past month plus I’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching and going through them looking for helpful, mostly up-to-date, information.

This is absolutely no definitive list but here are a bunch of links to sites that I frequent quite often.

News & Blogs:
EVE News –
EVE Reddit –
EVE Blogs –

EVE Stuff:
Grismar Explorer Site –
EVE Industry Calculator –
Dingo – D-Scan briefing –
zKillboard –
EVE Tools (watch list maker) –
Maps of EVE –
Mission running survival –
What to spend your LP on –
Wormhole info –
Market data –
What to mine –
EVE status –
Character research –
Exploration Guide –
DED Complexes –
Main Complex list –

EVE Planetary Interaction Info:
PI Guide –
EVE Planets –
PI Spreadsheet –
Colony Management –
EVE Uni – PI Bear –


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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