Ráða Barsmið

Life in high traffic areas of Low and Null-Sec can be confusing places but with some basic Alliance – Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) to outline our Rules of Engagement (ROE) then things become a little more clear…


FØRCED ENTRY. – Rules of Engagement: NBSI – Not Blue Shoot It

– – –

But even this simple ROE can get a little confusing at times – the other night I was in a Fleet with some of my Alliance mates as well as some members of another Alliance who we’re not Blue with. This resulted in another of my Alliance mates, who was not familiar with the Neutrals I was Fleeted with, thinking that they were fair game – it took some deft Chat Channel back-and-forth to keep things from escalating.

Some good news – the Wardec with The Marmite Collective is coming to an end so I’ll soon get to start back on my SOE mission grind, earn some ISK and LP plus help out some of my Corp and Alliance mates build some Standing towards getting them into Jump Clones.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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