Félagi Starfa

The weekend saw some intent Alliance enterprise – we had a good meeting with a large portion of the Alliance in attendance and starting laying down the ground work towards making the Alliance some ISK. Lots of ideas about ways to do this and we’ll be employing a few of them. To get us started we’re setting up an Alliance wide Planetary Interaction chain that will get us producing some commodities.

After the meeting we went out on an Alliance Op and took down a couple of POCOs then I spent some time in the Inty Explorer and hit a few sites – didn’t get much though, it was pretty slim pickings.

Ran with another crew for part of Sunday and after a quick roam we went for a POS bash then I had a quick case of Cyno’syndrome before heading out to try to find a few more exploration sites – got a good haul and ended up with over 75 million in the hold, think that is likely my best explore yet but still no shiny item of epic’ness…

Fjúka Hœttr!


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