De novo…

I’m a ‘new’ player returning to EVE after a long absence. My main, Kalam, was born 2009.08.12 and I was pretty active with him for a few months but for whatever reason I let my sub fizzle out back then and moved on to other interests.

My RL brother has been playing EVE for many years and a couple months ago I though I’d give EVE another go so hit him up for a Free Trial invite and it’s been full on since then, am stoked on the game and the EVE experience!

I have hooked up with a solid Corporation, am starting to dip my toes in all the play style options of EVE, some PvP with my Corp and Alliance mates, some exploration of relic and data sites, pop into the odd wormhole here or there, some planetary interaction, grinding some PvE missions, ratting belts, and running anoms  – I’m having tons of fun and I get to ‘hang’ out with my brother pretty much every night.

Lots of interesting changes coming to EVE in the near future and I’m eager to embrace them!

I am hoping I can write some here about what Kalam is up to, and what the Corp and our Alliance are into without giving away any OpSec in the process and maybe pass along some advice and opinions along the way.

Let’s see where this goes…

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